Discount K Cups

Discount K Cups

Discount K Cups displayDiscount K Cups are available everywhere. Frankly, how could it be otherwise? The cost per cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or chai that you get from a Keurig brewer or one of the other pod brewers is pretty high. Naturally, people will be looking to lower their costs by seeking out bargains, coupons, and discounts when they purchase their K Cups. These cheaper K Cups are offered in a number of ways, so let’s have a look and see which are best for you. It is important to understand that not all discount K Cups are created equal.

Quantity Purchase
The most common way of buying K Cups at a discount is to buy in quantity. It should be no surprise that the pricing law of consumer product supply and demand applies to this commodity, too. Simply put, the more you buy the cheaper they should be. When you buy your coffee, or other beverage, pods in small quantities, such as the common 12-pack, you will be paying a premium over buying the same flavor in a 24-count package. Carry that a little further and we find buying 48, 60, or 80-count packages reduces our cost per cup even more.

Pod brewers are becoming increasingly popular with hotels and offices and other places where fast, convenient, hassle-free coffee is sought after. These places buy boxes of 200 K Cups and so can you. You don’t even have to worry about the pods going stale as they are sealed fresh until the cap is broken by the brewing machine. What are some other ways to get discount K Cups?

Use K Cups Coupons
While buying in quantity is a good start, try combining your quantity purchase with a coupon for an even deeper discount. Coupons are a great sales tool for retailers. A coupon allows the retailer to make a discount on a sale, while still turning a profit. In the few cases where discount coupons actually force the retailer to lose a little on an individual sale, the hope is they will obtain new customers who will be loyal and profitable for the retailer in the future. Sales of this sort are called “loss leaders.”

Coupons for K Cups can be found on the web by searching for them using one of the search engines, like Google or Bing. Just type in a phrase like: “k cups coupons” and see what turns up. If you want to be more precise, try a search with your favorite flavor or your favorite store included, such as: “folgers k cups coupons” or “walmart k cups coupons.” Sometimes you can combine coupons with items already on sale for extra savings.

Clearance Sales
Some of the flavors of the K cups are seasonal, such as pumpkin chai, which is a favorite in the Fall and Winter months but not so much the rest of the year. Also, some manufacturers may use seasonal packaging around Christmas, for instance, and these will be placed on the clearance shelves after December. Be sure to look for clearance items to see if you might run into a real bargain.

Package Deals with your Keurig
Of course, this will only be good once, when you initially buy your brewing system, but when you do, shop for the retailers who will give you free pods with the purchase. These offers may fall into the “loss-leader” type of pricing because the seller will make profit from the brewing machine and count on your loyalty in the future for the on-going pod sales.

The other way we have seen this worked by sellers is to give you the brewing system free if you sign a contract for regular delivery of pods each month. Sort of a K Cups club affair, but these deals are harder to find because the K Cup brewers are more expensive than a drip brewer where this sort of deal is more prevalent. The way to look at these deals is to get the minimum delivery offered as you can bet the pods themselves will not be discounted much since the brewer was free or deeply discounted. Just fulfill the minimum delivery and then look for discount K Cups from other sources.

Coffee cups in a rowMix and Match Buying, Free Shipping, and more…
Quantity buying is shunned by some because it defeats the promise of variety that the Keurig brewers offer. That is, when you can brew a cup of Folgers Black Silk for your spouse and Tully’s Kona for yourself in less than three minutes, why would you buy 200 Black Silk K Cups? Buying 200 of each flavor you like gets expensive, fast! So, look for retailers who will let you mix-and-match flavors and quantities to get the discount K Cups pricing you want.

Many retailers will offer free shipping for orders over a certain price threshold. Amazon is famous for offering free shipping on nearly any order over $25. Other sellers will offer these deals on occasion, too, so ask for it if you don’t see it.

Form your own Discount K Cups Club with your friends and buy in bulk quantity for the best prices on clearance items with free shipping! Now, you’re saving real money and probably getting some new flavors to try you wouldn’t have purchased on your own as you and your friends swap and trade.

Bottom line, the web is the best place to do your shopping when looking for discount K Cups. The easiest price comparisons are performed in the comfort of your own home and the items are delivered to your door and sometimes for free. Don’t let the high cost of pod-brewed coffee discourage you. Just be creative in finding ways to minimize the cost and your coffee will taste that much better!